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Grid Motorsport Black Edition
Grid Autosport Black edition vs
Forza Horizon 2
Forza Horizon 2

No competition; Grid Autosport is a much more poilished, challenging, varied, driving game.

I don’t play many driving games currently, but I have a fond history of tearing up tarmac; I’ve been playing Grid since it’s Playstation TOCA launch, and Forza when it Microsoft launched it as a Gran Turismo wannabe competitor.

I’ve been playing GT6 since last xmas, [in fact iirc I spent xmas day installing it on my machine, great days :)] and only one of these 2 games comes close to matching the driving experience, and it aint Forza.

Both of the games are an update of past iterations, but only Grid seems to be a move in the right direction.

The feel of Grid driving is superior, speed, damage, breaking, acceleration, grip, and car / environment audio.

Forza tries to create an event as an excuse to assemble the sports cars together, and hook the races together with a terrible plot.

Grid does what it’s always done, and has you drive in a variety of car race styles competing for victory, and other in race, or season challenges.

For 2 games with near identical controls and format, it’s amazing to see such a varied product comparison. Grid will be the only one of the 2 that I’ll go back to, but I need some variation in my gaming, different from racing cars, before then.

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