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Big Brother Obama

Here is a great article, giving a top line summary of the extent of the surveillance of american citizens. Everyone has heard the patriot act after 9 11, and everyone knew what the government had planned, we all just went into the denial.

We find our lives away to google, facebook, and apple, not caring about the personal information we published in the cloud.

Now shock horror that this information is being shared with the authorities, and I doubt just at a meta level.

I love of functionality I get from google and devices, but I also love the idea of my online privacy, although I’m not sure if this really exists.

A friend once said to me if you’re not paying for it you’re the product, that now rings true more than ever.

I have the ability to Tor and encrypted all of my communications, but is this enough if someone did really want to read my e-mail?

I am looking forward to the Ubuntu and Firefox mobile OS’s , in the hope that these will offer more security , until then maybe it is time to switch back to cyanogenmod and stop using google apps… But I’ve loved writing this post by voice input, in fact it blows my mind.