Dead or Alive style


Dead or Alive 5
It’s been wonderful playing DoA5 and Grid2 this week, like getting reacquainted with old friends 🙂

The DoA play style has showed me a new way, beyond the 3 kick & punch strengths of Street Fighter and the left and right Tekken way. Having the punch, kick and hold, throw transforms the game.

I understand characters have parries in other games, Gouken’s is one of my favourite finishing moves, but I find from DoA that it’s more integral to the game play.

A flowing 3D environment too; think may be even better than the latest Soul Blade and Tekken offering.

The story mode worked as a great tutorial. The plot been the usual ‘How to entice / bribe / pay-off / blackmail fighters to compete’, with bonuses offered for pulling off standard moves and combos.

A nice touch is that they are optional. So as in my case, a few times, I completed the requisite move count, but failed on the fight. So now feeling you know the move, you can kick arse and unleash whatever floats your boat.

The plots time line could have been compiled by Tarantino, as it flits between characters at different points along the story line, sometime the same scene while you play another slinky clad lady.

By the time you get to the end of the story I felt I had a good intro to the different characters and styles, with a good overview of the moves

Then there’s traditional training options and multi-player that I’ve yet to indulge in.

This is certainly a game that will be played often, and I’m looking forward to picking up the latest version and to try my hand at fighting online.

Some great artwork here: deviantart

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