Tensorflow Trump Bot


Today I decided to try and turn the gpt-2 model to Trump’s speeches, and the results are scarily successful.

Here is the file of the Trump 2016 Presidential Election Speeches that I used

Prompts as titles, with generated Trumpesque speeches 🙂

build a wall

Build a wall to stop illegal immigration. I want to work with our allies to put the failed policies of the past behind us. We’ve spent our whole foreign policy rebuilding communities, rebuilding communities, rebuilding communities. It’s time to rebuild the West, and the Middle East. At the core of my new trade policy is my jobs plan. It’s called for a three-way trade thatomrows on America’s products with the Philippines, willfully renegotiates NAFTA, and builds a wall along our southern border. My opposition to the TPP, which I have in my contract, as you know, I have raised in secret. And I have to tell you, I’ve been talking to a lot of people who worked in the auto industry about it, and they really like it. They don’t want it. They just—you know why I’m being brought up—and I’m not alone in that. I’ve been saying this plan for a while, which is good. It’s a very important report, and I want to work with me on a trade policy that is good for the United States, for our job, and for our jobs, not for other countries. It’s a trade policy, after all. We’ve been working together for years, and now everything’s turned out to be impossible. China is pouring money into our country—way too much. They’re not meeting their obligations under the Paris Agreement. They’re not letting us build the wall, they’re not letting us build the wall. They don’t meet them. So we will open trade accounts with all countries in the world, without tariffs. We will massively cut our all-time high cost, trillion dollar cost of paying — actually lower cost, trillion dollar cost, trillions. We’re going to save another trillion dollars over 10 years. We’re going to save another trillion dollars over 10 years. So we will stop the drugs from flowing into our country and we’ll stop the drugs from poisoning our youth and threatening our way of life. We’ll stop the drugs from leaving our country and leaving our communities and leaving our communities. Because we’ve got to. Drugs poisoning our youth. What a mess. When I’m President, I will aggressively fight for drug-free schools, on weekends. Where there is a problem, I will be there fixing it. And we’ll send the kids to the school that the root causes aren’t studied properly. Just like we did in New York City where we had the first-ever study of opioids and their long-term health consequences.

Lock her up

Lock her up, folks. [applause] Thank you. It’s magnificent to be a part of what is taking place on November 8th. It is magnificent. Thank you. [applause] We can’t let this happen. There can be no prosperity once you start winning. That’s right, starting winning. You have to beat this, you have to beat that, you have to beat it, because we will lose, we have to win that, we have to beat it. But you have to beat it. Hillary, on the other hand, said this morning that she wants to get rid of Obamacare. She wants to expand it, she wants to expand it and make it even worse, she wants to increase it. Yes, in her plan…[applause] She wants to expand it and make it even worse. And if you think about it, Obamacare is a tremendous safety net for people that don’t have it, so you are going to see some really really, really big increases with Obamacare. It will be really a safety net if Hillary Clinton is elected president, and really we don’t want to give it a terrible — but it is a tremendous safety net if she gets in — yeah, I guarantee you. [applause] I guarantee you. We have to save our country, we have to save our jobs. We have to save our energy. We have to save our wages. We have to save our taxes. And by the way, Hillary wants to abolish our entire tax code. Yes, ma’am? [applause] We can’t forget, Hillary wanted to take almost all of your jobs, ma’am. You do a wonderful job. And so she wants to take virtually all of your jobs, ma’am. And you say, what is the meaning of the meaning here? Audience Member: I would say it’s better off because we have people in this entire country. Trump: So we’re going to become a rich nation again. So, and we’re going to become a democratic nation again. Audience Member: And we’re going to be a country without borders. We’re going to be a country that protects its people while giving them tremendous jobs and lots of great schools and a future of safety and prosperity. I saw the World Trade Center Towers covered in blood and I saw the wounded people lying on the open floor because of the hatchet used by Hillary Clinton. I’d say maybe she should be allowed to run for president, OK?

I’ll release my tax returns

I’ll release my tax returns, all of it, within 6 months. Then I’ll make my child’s college degree really, really, really, really good. [applause] This will massively raise your wages. But to be a rich nation, you need not worry; you need also that you want things that are good for the United States. Energy. Security. So we have to be very tough on terrorism. We have to be very tough on terrorism. But Iran, the world’s greatest state sponsor of terrorism, will pay for and defend” TAPPER (APPLAUSE) From: @mikejegersons [[email protected]] www.trump.com Listen: What we have is the most radical immigration platform in the history of our country. If enacted, this very day, may be the strongest expression of our love for each and every person and we will get it done. [cheers and applause] We will do it by emphasizing what we both have in common as Americans, as opposed to what we have in common as a nation. We will work together, we will cooperate, we will resolve differences, we will be strong and we will never devalue the contributions of hardworking men and women. We will have a government of, by and for the people. [cheers and applause] We will not only love them [applause] But we will respect their achievements; they are extraordinary people. We will accomplish incredible things and we will accomplish them with our own people, not politicians, not Hollywood, and our own people in the White House. That, I can tell you. [cheers and applause] But we will also love them with open arms and believe us when we proudly say: We Will Make America Strong Again. Believe me. What We Will Do Is So Simple. When we win on November 8th, We Will Will marshal all of our talents and know-how and borrow our greatest weapons of war against the enemy: our vast, seemingly endless, resources. No nation can harness the potential of this country, nor will it be able if we don’t have some of our greatest workers and most amazing citizens who step up and do a job and remind us that this land has a history of strength and resilience. Maybe by making this a magnet for new development, we can unload the bombs on Iran, take care of our vets, rebuild our military and regain our independence. A nation without nation lacks safety

That was the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period. Both in person and around the globe.

Folks that came here to see him had an opportunity to learn the history of our country, its great leaders, and its problems. They came here to witness an historic event. The people of the United States came here to see Donald J Trump. First he had to get them signed an agreement. He found a group of people, 5’10” and under, that were $60,000 under budget and were earning $120,000 per year. That’s over $1,000 a month for 4 Donald J Trump associates. Over 90% of the people who came to see Donald Trump were African-American. 55% — that was 70 of 75 people who came to see Donald Trump were African-American. Just ask yourself: who is representing these special interests and powerful non-Americans? And how do we ensure that our people are heard and that our institutions are not under attack? In my Administration, I will be your voice. I will be your voice. And I will tell you what: I will be here tonight. I will be fighting for those who have been silenced. The voices that have been ignored, the voices that have never had a chance to be ignored. The voices that have never had a chance to voice their demands for special elections. Their demands for massive tax reductions and tax changes. Their demands for fair trade deals. Their demands for fair immigration rules. Their demands for safety. Their demands for school choice. And so much more. But I will also be working on a new foreign policy that puts America First. America First. You just have to look at what’s going on right here. Just look. We’re putting America First, we’re putting America First. [applause] You have to knock on doors. You have to pick up that phone. You have to campaign. You have to twitter. You have to Facebook. You have to take the time to listen to Maria Pizze, the woman in Milwaukee who’s been so great to me. And I’ll tell ya, it’s really not about me. It’s about all the people in this city that haven’t had a job for 15,20, 25, 30, 40, yes, 60, yes sometimes days, weeks, months, years. They haven’t had a job since January 1st of last year. It’s not even about me. It’s about all the people in this country that haven’t had a job in some case. It’s about the middle class. We’re putting America First.

very fine people on both sides

Very fine people on both sides of the Atlantic, they felt they had something very special. And the men and women of law enforcement—and that is so unfair—they feel they’re being taken advantage of. So I, as chairman of the Democratic Party, I am going to work very hard on behalf of the police, law enforcement, and the American people to ensure that every single American has the safety and the security they deserve. This includes the training of our police, who come in all different kinds of identities, and I came out and I said this week, for instance, 40 percent of law enforcement officers are racist. And I said it for eight seconds—I said this whole race thing, seventy-five percent of police officers are kind, kind people. But you have to understand—I come from a situation like this where a lot of people have a lot of a group, they’re all together, they don’t have very together. And I’m going to have the police—I’m going to have the military, I’m going to have the military, I’m going to have all the various departments—I think we’re going to have a tremendous military, beginning in 2017. I’m honored to have the military, I think we’re going to see great things happen with our military, beginning in 2017. I have great relationships, I have great relationships, I have great relationships, and I want to send our thanks and know love to all those people that have already supported us through this experience, and who have made so much in their communities, so much—every single one of you. So saddening, unbelievable. But I also believe that all of us in this room share in one great common mission. That is to eliminate poverty and hatred, and all forms of oppression, and all forms of oppression and oppression. We have the same goal, and I will fight to eradicate poverty and all forms of oppression. I will fight—I’m going to fight, to fight—to create a two-way highway that brings Christians and Jews together. That I really believe. Now let me tell you about a couple of places where I see tremendous potential. There are a couple of them, boy. There are a couple of places. These are places where I believe—there’s a couple of places. You look at New York—this is so important to me. You look at New York City, where I will absolutely go to work every day, week in, week out, day one.