Tensorflow Hosking Bot


Given what I’ve learned over the past few days, and the success of the Trump bot, I thought I’d try modelling the Mike Hosking data again; extracts below 🙂

This is certainly Hosking’s prose style, although the content matter doesn’t match perfectly.

I chose the first question to match what I’d asked the Trump Bot to compare output; happy that it has changed and mirrors Mike

build a wall

… and do something about it.

Apart from the obvious problems of our time, like the endless claims and counterclaims, is the simple fact of the matter is, the system they’ve created is not suited to them.

They’ve forced into service people who have never before had the freedom to choose how they want to spend their money.

It’s this fact that has allowed these people into the fold, and allowed CVS, Black Friday, and every other day to offer up a free copy of The Grandson’s Plan if they choose to join the battle.

It’s this: every tobacco-free purchase is a nicotine patch.

Every tobacco-free purchase, whether bought pre-screened, packaged, or sent to a number of “extras” identified by the consumer with the intention of quitting — quitting with a vengeance.

Every tobacco-free purchase, even if bought pre-screened, is a nicotine patch.

Every tobacco-free purchase, even if bought at a vape shop, is a pack of cigarettes.

Every tobacco-free purchase, even if bought from a dubious authority, is a tobacco patch.

Every tobacco-free purchase, even if bought from a councillor who’s held a grudge, is an upset about impotence.

Every tobacco-free purchase, even if bought from a politician who publicly says he’s fought the war on tobacco, is a demand for some sort of action.

It’s one thing to dispense a can of Jack Daniels, it’s quite another to quit the war.

And this is where the whole scheme is a massive scam that will blow the whole thing up.

Once upon a time, the world.

Now, Winston, you are an embarrassment to this planet.

And to this planet, you can be anywhere, anyplace, anytime, any place at any time. No borders, no laws, no regulations. No originators, no destinations, no one-day laws.

This country is in the middle of the 21st century, and the industrial revolution is upon us. As the biggest economy in the world, and No 1 cop, what do we do with our money? We owe it to the cleaners to find out.

The other day as well as this week as well as every other week, I have the pleasure of meeting some of the biggest names in the industry, and having the pleasure of observing their reactions to this

I chose the rest of the questions as juxtapositions to Hosking’s usual right wing opinions

we need more bus lanes

… , more cycleways, we need $700 million in capital gains taxation.

And that’s before you get to New Plymouth, where I served as an adviser before joining the Fletchers team.

The former WorkChoices adviser was given a write-off and told he couldn’t run the business, he couldn’t do business, and he couldn’t cut deals.

The problem with WorkChoices was they had no one in it at the end of the cycle, so they asked for votes. Instead they had candidates who had no one in them at the end of the cycle, and they had them rejected.

That’s called shunning. It’s as simple as that.

You don’t shuck a carrot and expect it to work. You’ll yell, “shout-outs’ and they’ll laugh. But the shunning’s real, it’s part of the job, and being a leader you want to be seen to do the right thing, even if that means ignoring the plight of the voters who didn’t want to hear it.

So when the shunning ends, who quits and moves on to the next challenge??

Robyn Guadagno seems to have picked her. A woman whose role as a try-hard is to explore, to hurdle the high road, and make as big a mistake as you want to make, does a pretty good job.

But who else has done that than her?

The Privy Council elections are this year’s mess. The two aren’t connected. No one organisation gets a free pass, no matter what the headline.

So when the shunning ends, who comes out as front-bench? Whoclasses? Whoclassesagain?? A woman’s role as adviser is to “evaluate and resolve disputes”.

Not everyone can or should be in that role, nor is there a requirement to be front-benchers.

But the woman in question? Priyanka Chopra.

What a brilliant way of putting it. “Flexible pay”. Works with any employer who want to add Flexibility to their résumés. Work with any employer who want to remove Flexibility from their résumés. Oh, and she has a million-plus retweets.

So off she went. Another heroine has been found, and that’s the good news. A third hero has also appeared on TV3, this time from a different organisation, reporting

reduce speed limits in Auckland and introduce congestion charge for commuters

… travelling in the dark

I said “hypothetically”. But when it comes to managing traffic, no one controls it better than Auckland.

There is a difference between an excessive demand and a deficit. An excessive demand means there is a financial deficit in the budget. An excessive surplus means there is money in the coffers – and that’s a problem – you can’t run an excessive budget without an excessive deficit.

And that’s the madness of trying to do the two things well. One, keep the lights on, and two, make money.

The other, in managing demand, is vital. Once you have one, you can manage general demand. Once you have a specific type of customer, you’ve got a one-stop shop.

If you ever want to achieve all of those things, you must first get everyone who wants a ticketed or cancelled consultation. Then you need policy details, then policy details about policy and procedure.

And that’s the madness of trying to do the two things well. Once you have one, you can manage general demand. Once you have a specific type of customer, you’ve got a one-stop shop.

If you ever want to achieve all of those things, you must first get everyone who wants a ticketed or cancelled consultation. Then you need policy details, then policy details about policy and procedure.

And that’s the madness of trying to do the two things well. Once you have one, you can manage general demand. once you have a specific type of customer, you’ve got a one-stop shop.

And flip. Once you have one, you can’t operate both at the same time. You need one to achieve all of the above, and then you need a policy to adhere to.

So, flip. And make policy after policy and no one backs up their decisions – hence the policy.

So totalitarian. I say hashed out policy with the promise that if it doesn’t, they’ll strike again.

So in that order, there is the policy, there is policy, there is policy.

Preliminary reading has it, the Capistrano people are inept, they have no communication skills, they look like they’re being coached, they look to sabotage the policy.

They say they’re providing free printing to the shops, to help young people get jobs. I say to the shops, where did you hear of the free printing? Schools.

Jacinda Ardern is my favourite New Zealand Prime Minister

…, but Malcolm Turnbull is your average MMP buffoon

It has been said that the better you conduct yourself, the less democratic you are. The graph below argues this so. Certainties abounds.

I have known James Flaherty, or Lou Robertson, or any of the other MMP buffoons, and I have seen the side effects of their views and actions seem incongruous.

One, they’re highly regarded ministers. Flaherty, when in Parliament, went from a minister focused on the economy to one focused on the bad days of our trading relationship with so much at stake.

Two, they’re highly regarded. Kelvin Davis, when in Parliament, gone from a minister to a minister and back again, and then back again.

Three, they’re highly regarded. Formerly the Force, now Force Evaluation Week is your best chance to see if you’ve done well in the classroom.

Four, you should be the first or second choice of all the potential jesters who dawdle. Two, you should look like a success, one should look like a failed, genius. One should look stupid, incompetent, or out of touch.

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Two, you should be high up the tree, representing the nation, and not just a few high-ups who get decided in the end. Three, you should be a beacon of hope to those looking to hijack the idealist image Prime Minister and display that by saying let’s be serious, let’s be real, and let’s be remotely dramatic.

Four, you should be a symbol of a movement that is struggling to take off, and yet is also a beacon of hope to parents looking to introduce their kids to a wide variety of subjects.

What a great spokesman David Suzuki was, a legend in the field, and a legend in the world. But as is always the case with great leaders, great challenges are born out of a well made story.

Suzuki’s tale is a good example of what a resolute leader that is being led by a wonderful Tamiflu. But Ardern, who as most of us will be quite happy to see is not in charge, along with the Green Party, is the documented majority.

And that’s before you get to New Zealand, where Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is based, and where the Fijian people have called for her to

Britain needs another referendum on Brexit to give the people the final say based on facts

… and reality.

If they can’t, they annihilate law and order and their way of life.

If they can’t, they destroy it — through mass starvation, through end-use, through the end of the service era, through all the social media catastrophes that follow, then they are either nuts or they are bad people.

KiwiBuild is a success story. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment says it’s part of a larger movement to end the 20-year-old practice of old age for government contracts.

The practice of contracting out a worker’s work until their earnings topped out, so that money went to the Treasury. That’s right it’s gone. Now it’s the Government, so it’s Treasury.

Now it’s the parents, so it’s Peter Dutton. Now it’s the union movement, so it’s the Direct Action movement. You could not have orchestrated a greater, or more spectacular, undermining of your own cause without the support and cooperation of the Karel Sroubek file.

Now I tell all the time there is a problem with the Karel Sroubek file. There is a scandal in particular with the leaked file. It is the sort of thing a report is supposed to be about.

But here’s the thing, the file isn’t damaging. It’s just that the report isn’t as good as they would have liked. And that’s the trouble is in knowing when to trust an answer and when to act.

Remembering is caring is a career cut – isn’t 11 years your contract down the line.

And that’s before you get to the bit where, if Gareth Fuller’s maiden speech was an indictment on trade, on the fly, lecturing, and union rights, what’s next?

She’ll answer the right questions, and promise us the answers she’ll promise us the unions down the road.

I said she’ll be good, I was kidding. She’ll be a hard worker, but that’s not what she’s uncovering.

Her approach isn’t to be trusted, it’s to be admired.

It’s to be boldly stated, and we are ground down, where the boss is Forever 21.

Will She Ever Work for the CGT?

I said she’ll be spectacular, but that’s not what this country is made out to be about.

When it comes to the future, the boldest