Super Street Fighter iv Arcade


Ever since my early teens I’ve been an avid fan of the Street Fighter series.
Too many college lectures were missed as I was in situ at my local arcade playing SSFii or some bootleg Hyper version. (Remember the fireballs that would bounce across the screen?)
70 British pounds I paid for an extremely rare import copy of the first Sega Megadrive (aka Genesis) console. I then had to wait months for a 6 button joystick to become available. My brother tired of it quickly, but I honed my skills against the CPU players, to the point I could play without watching the screen!

20 years later Capcom release the latest installment of this fantastic series, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.
I’m a little disappointed with this being the 3rd iteration of practically the same game. Although if this one improves as much as the Super version did over the original SFiv & the price tag isn’t too greedy then I’m sure I’ll give it a go.

Who am I kidding, I’ll be there on release day!
An evil Ryu & 2 extra characters, for all of the hours I put in online it’s certainly cheaper than visiting my local arcade… plus home doesn’t have the arcade sticky carpets, tepid warm diet coke & an assortment of street urchins, shoplifters & smackheads.

Edit: OK I got it wrong, Capcom are well aware of their money making machine & have included the Arcade edition as download content! 1200 points on Xbox live gets you 4 new fighters, Yun, Yang, Oni & Evil Ryu.

I’ve had a few games online, Yun & Yang look promising anti shoryuken fighters

Edit2: Loving the new characters & the weighting Capcom have changed the existing line up by, even Dan when played aggressive kicks arse. Just spent a few hours online playing continuous battles. Both me & opponent (names withheld to protect the innocent) using random character selection.
I was pounded in most games, but that made the few victories sweeter & I didn’t get perfected once ­čÖé

Edit3: I didn’t get it completely incorrect, there’s a hard copy release date of June 28th 2011… hopefully it’ll bring more players to the arena ­čÖé
Pre-order here

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