Sleeping Dogs more Woo than Woo


Hard Boiled is one of my all time favourites, Woo, Wong & Chow Yun-Fat together created a masterpiece.
Stranglehold was fun, but Sleeping Dogs looks to be more undercover cop, Hong Kong, duel 9mm’s than its inspiration.

An undercover cop, too deep in with the triad, Hong Kong based, open World title, was always going to be compared to Woo, so this post is probably already a cliche, but I love the game!

It’s so much more than a Stranglehold in an Asian GTA world, here’s a review from half ass gaming that does the game more justice than my rambles.

The game dropped in price by 30 bucks today & I could no longer resist or justify not picking it up 🙂
What I’ve found so far:

  • counters while in hand to hand combat are reminiscent of Assassins Creed
  • grabbing an opponent & then inflicting pain via the environment keeps the frequent fights novel
  • chase scenes, by vehicle or foot are fun & challenging, plus eye candy
  • story is compelling, good voice acting
  • cut scenes include gruesome violence
  • the menu bgm & effects finish off the kung-fu film format

Off to play


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