a personal Beatles revival with Disco


I’m going through a personal Beatles revival, although when I say that, I’ve never been a fan, so to speak.
Being part of Thatcher’s yoof The Beatles were always a background noise; we sang their songs at school, everyones Mum had had a crush on one of them a decade or so ago, Paul was still rocking, I can’t really remember John being shot, but there wasn’t 24 hr news back then, breafast tv didn’t come for another 3 years!

I’ve been playin lot’s more of their tunes lately, I have a preference for the happier ones, not the silly, but I like a taste of the obscure. & in turn this leads me to my point in all this, YouTube Disco.

It’s a fantastic free Pandora like function within Youtube, absolutley free (except for the odd add you have to endure for 5 seconds)

See what you think & tell me who you’re listening to