Hadouken Cabs


Sony always have the coolest viral marketing campaigns ­čÖé

Thanks to Joystiq for this breakdown
I can only guess that it’s related to the new Ultra Street Fighter IV incarnation due in the new year?

Viral 'Hadouken Cabs' video splices Street Fighter with PlayStation 4

A viral video for something called Hadouken Cabs, a fictional taxi service we totally wish was a real thing, has made its way onto the internet today. The video blatantly calls out Street Fighter and, at the end, offers a brief glimpse of the PS4's DualShock 4 controller and Sony's promotional hashtag, #4thePlayers.

Let's break the video down: The phone number provided for the Hadouken Cabs service translates to August 30, 1987, the launch date for the original Street Fighter. There's also a placeholder website briefly teased in a background shot - if you go to the site and press the "talk to an operator" button, you'll get this audio clip. The clip mentions all lines are busy and plays a few sound bites from the Street Fighter series before devolving into a battle against Zangief, who seemingly broke into the Hadouken Cabs office looking to scrap.

What does all mean? Right now both Capcom and Sony aren't talking, but we hope that'll change soon enough.