retro shoot-em ups


I know I hadn’t always found R-Type as difficult as the Delta experience, & today I came across the predecessors R-Types (both 1 and 2!)

So you can load in heaps of credits & then start the game, I like the arcade touch.
The first thing that hit me was the siren noise, swear I’ve heard exactly the same on several phones at work 🙂

The game isn’t simple, the mechanics pretty cool.
Enemies come in pre-defined swarms, together with the power up releasing bots; kinda remind me of dog R-Types… don’t ask.

Tap to blast away, hold down for power shot.
Then you have the additional plug ins, beams & diagonal lasers et al.
The additional drone can be attached to the front or back of your ship, absorbing enemy fire, otherwise you can fire it front or back to utilise effectively.
Oh, an then there’s missiles and circular drones.

After a couple of warm up plays, learning I couldn’t dodge fire with this frame rate & my reaction times, I managed to get 2 1/2 stages in without continuing… love the game play & the success of learning a strategic path.
But think it’s many of the learned methods come flooding back?

So happy I went looking for this.