games getting more difficult?


Memory fading?

I read a cool blog entry by Gerard Campbell: Game Junkie this week: Are games harder or is it just me?
The focus of it being that he had to downscale the difficulty from normal to easy to complete the latest Bioshock instalment.

I tried to procure a copy of the said game today, with no luck; I came back with another sniper shooter… but that’s a different story.

What I did end up playing was motivated from playing a port to Android of an old favourite R-Type.
I remember ‘clocking’ the original way back when, & progressed a few levels through the Android version, so thought I’d turn back the clock & see how the original looked today on the PS3.

I downloaded a copy of R-Type Delta, thinking same same… yeah right!

This is an amazing forward thinking title, & playing today I’m impressed with what was achieved to create a proxy 3d feel with vector graphics. A remake of the original R-Type, still linear, same controls, but with a 3D background.

All feeling similar until trying to progress, shit is it a challenge!
And I’m not talking a difficulty where learning a method to overcome is possible (context I unlocked and kicked Akuma’s arse playing SSFiv this afternoon), man in this title you surely do need twitch reflexes of a cat.

I will try and persevere, but I’ll also try to find the original R-Type for a more sedate challenge 🙂

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