OpenAI GPT-2 1558M has arrived


Excited to hear about the release of Open AI’s 1.5 Billion GPT-2 model, had to take it for a test drive.

Couldn’t produce a trained model on my own text as yet, but I did manage to load the 1558M model into Google Colab and run a couple of conditional samples.

I grabbed the text from a Guardian articles on the flooding in Doncaster: Severe flood warnings remain in Midlands and north of England

First prompt

Although widespread disruption is expected to continue, areas affected by the flooding are set to avoid further downpours.
Met Office meteorologist Steven Keates described it as “quite a messy weather picture” with a mix of low temperatures, frost, rain and even the potential of snow in some places.
But he added: “I think the most important thing is that the areas which have been affected by floods should avoid rain and get some respite.”
During a visit to the flood-hit town of Matlock in Derbyshire on Friday, the prime minister, Boris Johnson, said the widespread flooding across the UK “is not looking like something we need to escalate to the level of a national emergency”.
Johnson said the government would “certainly stand by ready to help” after the country was hit by deluge of water described as “almost biblical” by residents in Toll Bar, near Doncaster.

First Model prompt

It came as a flood warning was reduced to a red light after it remained in place for almost nine hours.
The Met Office warned that more than 30mm of rain had fallen in the past 24 hours, with heavy downpours continuing across Britain.
Rain had also fallen on areas in Northern Ireland and Wales, with heavy amounts on the A56 at the junction with the A59 at Pembrokeshire.
The A56 in Wales has now been closed since 5pm on Friday, with traffic diverted to a dual carriageway to the east of the M6 northbound to a new temporary car park.
The rain has also been recorded in Scotland, with the Met Office issuing a warning that a second low was developing over the west coast of Scotland, north of the Firth of Forth.
The warning was earlier upgraded to a red light ahead of severe winter weather. In Wales and Scotland, the weather warnings have now been downgraded to green lights, as some areas are experiencing showers.
A woman has been seriously injured after being washed inside a washing machine in Wales, the fire service said.

Firefighters pulled the woman to safety after a house she went in was swept up in a wall of water near Caernarfon, west Wales.
The incident happened at about 8am yesterday, the Wales Fire and Rescue Service said. Firefighters had to remove a mattress and other items as they worked to keep the fire under control, firefighters said.
The washing machine was swept away by the rising water but the woman suffered no injuries, a spokesman said.
Firefighters also reported that the roof of a building, including it’s garage, had collapsed in Swansea, causing some minor damage in a house.
The roof was removed safely, the Fire Service said, with no residents thought to have been harmed.

Another road was closed this morning in Devon, after the road between Bridlington and Hove had to be closed due to flooding.
The road has recently opened once again, it was announced.
The high water levels will likely continue through Friday evening, with a large area of lowland areas, particularly along the Welsh coast, being most affected.
The rain, falling after a period of unusually cold Arctic air, brought up some severe flooding to parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on Thursday.


A high-school student in Pennsylvania has reportedly been suspended from class after she said she was carrying her abortion-inducing pill in a pink purse that she had placed over her bra before wearing to class.
According to CBS Philadelphia and

The washing machine mention is a little strange and macabre, although the quality of the language is amazing, and could fool anyone not knowledgeable about the subject matter

Second Model prompt

Johnson said the government would “certainly stand by ready to help” after the country was hit by deluge of water described as “almost biblical” by residents in Toll Bar, near Doncaster. His visit came after the death of a woman who was reportedly swept away by flood water as parts of the Midlands and northern England were battered by a month’s worth of rain in one day. The body of the woman, who has not been identified, was recovered in Darley Dale, near Matlock, at about 10.40am on Friday, Derbyshire police said. She was reported to have been swept away by flood water in Rowsley in the early hours. A heavy band of rain is set to spread east across Northern Ireland into Saturday before drying out in the evening. County Down could receive up to 50mm, although most areas in the region could get 20-30mm. Keates said that some snow was possible in parts of Wales and the first snow of the autumn could hit the mountain tops of Snowdonia. Cold weather is also on the way in parts. Keates said: “In the coldest temperatures in Scotland, it could be -6C while parts of southern England could see – 2C.”

Second Result

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StumbleUpon What are these?<|endoftext|>A “Bond” is an item in The Sims 4: Get to Work that is used by the careers/skills.

Contents show]


A Bond can be used to create a career/skill, as described below. This career/skill is considered a secondary career/skill.

Once created, each Bond has a set “Max Level” associated with it that can unlock additional perks (which can be any level). The max level for a Bond, as stated before, is based upon its career/skill, that is, the highest level that a Bond can get is the max level for the career/skill. If a Bond’s career/skill is changed to a higher level, only the Bond’s level will be changed for the skills at which level the Bond is trained. For example, if a Sim’s career/skill is Alchemy, then Alchemy levels 0, 1, 2, and 3 will be the highest level that the Bond can get (assuming they have the required career/skill of Alchemy to do so).

Max Level

Bond levels are associated with the career/skill you create that the player must use Bond to achieve. Below are the base levels for the different careers and each of the Skills, their base max levels, as well as the maximum levels for this career/skill:

Career Max Skills

Level 0 30 – 30 Career +1 36 – 34 Career +2 40 – 37 Career +3 44 – 40 Alchemy 0 41 – 42 Alchemy +1 45 – 44 Alchemy +2 46 – 46 Alchemy +3 47 – 48 Career -1 50 – 53 Lifetime -2 54 – 58 Career -3 58 – 61 Career -4 60 – 63 Alchemy +1 63 – 64 Alchemy +2 66 – 68 Alchemy +3 70 – 72 Career -1 73 – 76 Career -2 77 – 80 Career -3 80 – 84 Career -4 85 – 88 Career -5 89

As is mentioned above, a Bond can train any skills for which it is a Bond. Therefore, a Sim who has only Alchemy has a maximum base skill of 30 for Alchemy. When the player takes Chemistry to its max level, Alchemy’s max level becomes 51. This means that if a Sim had an Alchemy max level of 30 and went to the Career menu and had Alchemy

How did a Sims skill get picked up from this?
Guess this is an indicator of the source data coming from Reddit?

Lets’ see how a Trump impeachment post goes down: Impeachment: how Trump's hardball tactics put the constitution in peril


h2>Third Model prompt

Summoning the full force of its constitutionally vested powers, Congress last week called 13 witnesses to appear for questioning in the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump. Two of them showed up. Four of the would-be witnesses – the acting White House chief of staff, two senior officials in the budget office and a state department lawyer – failed to appear in spite of congressional subpoenas, as distinct from requests. A fifth witness, former national security adviser John Bolton, warned that he would reply to any subpoena with a lawsuit. The story of the Trump presidency is one of repeated power struggles between branches of government and within the executive branch. But the standoff that has developed between the White House and the legislature during the impeachment inquiry, constitutional experts say, is loaded with dangerous potential to upset the balance of power and wreck the ability of Congress to check the president.

Third Result

The drama is unfolding at a time when the Trump administration appears unlikely to have much of a legislative agenda, as Trump is currently under siege over allegations of colluding with Russia. To add insult to injury, the president is threatening to veto any legislation he doesn’t like. A lawsuit that would challenge the impeachment process, the lawyers say, would be far more disruptive.

“All of this could go down the drain if congressional Republicans fail to defend the constitutional separation of powers under the 14th Amendment and are forced into a lawsuit by Mr Trump that they have no chance of winning.” In fact, “if Mr Trump fails to follow through on his promises to fire former FBI Director James Comey”, according to legal experts, the “president can be held in contempt of Congress unless the House or Senate does what every president since Andrew Jackson has done without consequence – impeach him.” “The American people must not be subjected to an obstruction of justice/obstruction of justice-in-the-making like we had in Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton,” says former George W Bush lawyer Jonathan Turley, a senior fellow at George Washington University. The Trump presidency is unusual in that it has been run almost entirely as a self-funded venture. This was a central thesis of Turley’s book on the 2008 election, 2016 & Beyond. In this election, Turley says, the Trump campaign “was an almost textbook example” of a “sophisticated operation [run] by a well-funded Republican Party that [sought] to circumvent the national party structure in favor of its own independent operations that are not subject to the limits of party control.” The operation, which was funded by rich Trump donors and business groups, was aimed at manipulating the political process to make it easier not only to win but also to secure more favourable laws for the business interests of Trump and his family and to make Trump’s business conflicts with other institutions and international conventions “look like an unfortunate accident rather than a systematic or organized process designed to shield Trump from possible conflicts”. The Republican Party is “the most effective vehicle for protecting the rights of wealth and the powerful”, Turley says. In a speech to the Republican convention in Cleveland in August 2016, Trump vowed to drain the swamp in Washington. “Our campaign has begun,” he said. “We haven’t even had a chance to show our full potential yet.” The president-elect’s team would say later it was inspired by a popular slogan from another reality TV show: “The Apprentice.” For them, it was simply a

… a what, don’t leave me hanging like this 🙂
Better than the last results though, although it does read like a copy and paste from another article. A timely mention of the funding of Trump’s campaign, given the news this week regarding Trump taking money from his charity to fund campaign activities, and admitting doing so.

Planning to have a play with any script options to see if the output can be augmented, but overall I’m stoked that I could get this to work with the new data.