Silent for a while, back with new toys


Mainly due maxing out the WordPress engine with auto posts & it has taken a while to clear all of the detritus.
But it’s gone, & I hope to record what’s on my mind & what I’m playing with more often.

I’ve a couple of new toys; finally a decent PC gaming rig, AMD 64 8 core… thinking I maybe should have gone for a P7 for better Ubuntu compatability. One of the driving reasons to change was my old box didn’t have the graphics grunt to install Ubuntu 12.10… now my new box isn’t even fully compaitible due to graphic card drivers not yet being available!

I’ve been indulging in many PC games that I’ve missed out on over time, Skyrim is beautiful, so much more than the Xbox, I finally got to play Walking Dead, & I’ve just torn myself away from a Eve Online trial, that was amazing fun & engrossing… but ultimately that’s why I backed off, I couldn’t make time to commit to multi player games.

Due to RSI, my console gaming as all but ended, this saddens me somewhat, the end of an era, but I still have SFiv 🙂
The strain injury has also meant that I’ve had to learn to touch type correctly with type-fu, so not all bad.

Finally I’ve upgraded my phone, from the original Nexus 1, to it’s new big brother the Nexus 4.
It’s heaps better in many ways, I’m eagerly awaiting the release of 4.2.2, but this version is so much better than the 2.3 Cyanogenmod OS I was use to. Gone is the led lit roller ball, and any light to say it’s charging.
Nexus 4