no walking dead down under


walking dead zombie
I’ve just heard of this titles release from this sites rss.
Cell shaded zombies, intriguing progressive plot, take my money.
But no, another title not just toned down, but this time denied to us in the antipodean, and why?

On Telltale Games’ official forum, a member asked about the release of The Walking Dead in Australia. An employee of Telltale replied with the following: “Sorry, but due to the OFLC ratings laws in Australia and New Zealand, and the fact that this is a mature game, we do not currently have plans to release the game there on consoles.”

So is there a method to download different region xbox live content?

I was never 100% sure that I’d purchase this title… although now I’m told I can’t play the game, the more I must 🙂

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  1. As mentioned in the above post, I’ve had the opportunity to play through the 1st 6 (? it’s been a while) chapters!
    Wow, I didn’t expect so much tention from a point and clcik title & loved the divisive plot line.
    Looking forward to the next installments 🙂

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