MySQL Workbench saves the day and space


No luck gaining access the site for a couple of days, no biggy, an email exchange later & my ip is apparently added to the firewall exclusion & I’m in… I thought the issue was too much space been taken up on server, as I’ve revived warnings & had just backed up files to server.

I’ve tried a couple of WordPress plugins to clear the old posts, only to receive freeze outs in Firefox or Chrome.
So I went to the source!

phpMyAdmin, although full of functions is still quite clunky, but suits the purpose. But as my access to this site was down I couldn’t access cpanel, so phpMyAdmin wasn’t an option.

After a couple of googles, searching for peoples preferences on a linux mysql editor I chose & installed MySQL Workbench… but with no connection to my ftp files I only had a demo database to play with.

Until today!
Site back up & I have a connection from my host MySQL database to MySQL Workbench… w00t I am in the zone 🙂

I work with sql server on a daily basis, so one bit of code later, clears the old posts & frees up a bit of space.
The extract below burns the posts created from feeds, keeping blog et al live for another day.

DELETE FROM `wp_posts`
WHERE `post_type` = 'post'
AND DATEDIFF(NOW(), `post_date`) > 30
AND `post_author` > 3

So now I have a local sql client to play with, connected to the web server… wonder if I can connect also to Google Fusion Tables?