xbox internet explorer


I don’t know how I missed this on launch… or after spending a little time playing with it today, I may have deleted it on launch and forgot about it 🙂

There are only 2 reasons I boot up my xbox, for Street Fighter and kinect games. And after burning off a bit of sweat on sports titles this afternoon, I started messing about with the voice prompts.

One thing lead to another, I tried ‘xbox shutdown’ many times with no luck, and discovered Bing’ing a statement only brought up xbox content. But from this DLC I came across Internet Explorer!

2 mins later Explorer is downloaded and installed, but then imagine my shock / horror that the cursor couldn’t be controlled with kinect gestures! A dashboard of popular regional pages can be opened by voice, and the xbox can do other simple voice commands via kinect… so why do motion control?

I want a reason to use this new toy, but why should I?

What with all of the press coverage recently, of Microsoft et al providing info to the NSA, why would I give them more information than minimal? especially when my xbox plugs into the same TV as my PC, that gives better resolution and surfing experience.

This is the one area Microsoft could have triumphed, but I feel they missed the boat… or will this be an additional feature only available to the xbox one?