PSP discontinued in Japan just shy of its 10th birthday


PSP 100

Quite sad about this, of all the original consoles I have in my collection, my PSP-1000 is one that I still occasionally break out.

I have fond memories, from across the globe.
Sometimes tropical exotic locations.
Often in transit.
Special simple gaming moments with this device.
Let the death march toll: patta, patta, patta, pon

I remember paying over $100 USD for a 1gb memory card, this was before I picked up my NTSC 360
2 GTA titles, Parappa the Rapper, Patapon, not to mention the wireless link to the PS3
I think that if this was a MS device it would have garnered much more attention, from player, media, and developers
Guess the Vita is the next gen version, hope it gets utilised more

Discontinued but not forgotten