morning out motivated by ingress


Don’t know if you noticed but I like games 😉
One other ability I’ve been blessed with is a short attention span and to be guaranteed to be wow’d by the next pastime I’ve taken up… this weeks fascination in certainly Ingress.

Taking advantage of the daylight saving adjustment and dragging my usually lethargic arse out of bed, to place down some resonators at a local Anglican,dual portal, Church.

Puling in to the car-park with the congregation leaving the church, sharing chit-chat, & generally milling about. I did what I could filling up 2 resonator slots with my shitty underpowered level one kit, and started to top up the energy on the portals.

Quickly running out of juice, but there was heaps of xm floating about just the other side of the car-park… next to all of the people. I looked quite presentable, for a Sunday morning, but nothing as polished as the onlookers. I got to the portal quickly, a huge wooden cross, created by a local artist, staring at my phone noming up the xm… but as I looked up I made contact with a smartly dressed lady. She approached, I shuffled my feet staring at the screen. We introduced ourselves, I asked her questions on the Church and sculpture, she asked if I was here for the Church, I said:
“No I’m playing a Google beta augmented reality game” and she didn’t even blink.

I’ve also been stalking my local Samoan Church, pulling up to hack it over the last couple of days, my second portal claim of the day 🙂 Pulling into their carpark, and parking on the street in front, I’ve been getting some curious looks from the local milling Samoans. A nod followed by Falopa usually gets smile… but I’m considering not playing in the local area, I feel like I’m observed more, & probably help to suspicion. A couple of times today I’ve driven by Police cars, or probably the same one several times, still; no flashing blues, but I think it’s only a matter of time, law of averages

So thinking of sticking to the urban & park portals, and to leave the Churches alone 🙂