MGSV – How to control snake


I’m eager to start MGSV after completing Batman Arkham Knight, but here’s the biggest challenge initially playing MGSV – How to control snake?

As I’m still waiting for the full game I thought my time would be better prepared with time spent playing MGSV: Ground Zeroes, rather than Rocket League ­čÖé

Controls for my reference, I’m not finding it intuitive as yet
MGSV: Ground Zeroes

Really enjoyed the couple of hours it took me to get through the map. It reminded me of an PS1 title, the name eludes me atm.

Managed to save all of the hostages, including the main 2, but stealth was far from achieved, I scored a D for GROUND ZEROES… that I was stoked to achieve.

The story, audio, and FMV, are in a league of their own; Phantom Pain can’t arrive soon enough ­čÖé
[Rating:4] As I got it free via PSN it’s fantastic, now for the Side Ops missions!

edit: and another D for side OPs Eliminate the Renegade Threat, motivated to go back and try better… if I didn’t have heaps more to do with the precious few hours I get to play ­čśë

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