Infintiy and beyond


I’ve been playing Bioshock Infinite on the PS3 over the past couple of days.

A quality title, quick summary:


  • Having fun
  • Elizabeth & the plot are quite engaging,
  • well presented steam punk style, with good graphics & frame rate
  • huge open levels


  • the battles are a bit same same
  • an average AI
  • side missions, but still linear

I can still see myself playing through it to completion due to the intriguing story, I need to know the twist, I have suspicions 🙂

Update: Think I am up to the final boss battle, shit the difficulty has been lifted.
If I’d have though through my magic(?) in more detail prior then I may have been better prepared.
In this post: games getting more difficult I commented on a journalist who had turned down the difficulty on this battle… I now understand

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