Glorious Joyful Executions

This is an amazing surreal parody of North Korean firing squads… I so hope it’s a parody anyway!
The artwork is based on North Korean propaganda, it is truly glorious, grab it now before it’s pulled from distribution, did I mention it isn’t allowed on the Apple store!

Here’s how the developers describe it:

Help North Korean commissar Kim Bok Kyong punish the traitors!
Command a firing squad of 4 soldiers and process endless waves of various enemies of the state to keep the Divine Leader happy.
Faced with limited ammo and the ever present danger of random sabotage events, you have to think and react fast. As you progress you’ll gain reward money, replenish your ammo and unlock more and more weapons.
Which strategy will you use? Will you be able to handle increasingly difficult decisions? Hesitation means death – for your enemies are legion.

“Joyful Executions” is a parody game on North Korean propaganda for children and a satire on our willingness to accept morally questionable acts through gamification.

Download for free form Google Play: Joyful Executions

Or if you can’t find the free title in your region check out this useful page: Joyful Executions
[Rating: 3]