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I understand Search Engine Optimisation, although I don’t claim to have a clue what is happening with the Google search algorithm; and thus this question?

Why does this site [] get presented on the first page of Bing, DuckDuckGo, and StartPage, when searching for ‘Gamer Geek’; but not Google?

gamer geek (stolen image)

Found an answer

Why do I get different results with StartPage than Google?
Last modified on 16 August 2016 02:45 AM
One of two things may be happening to cause you to receive different StartPage results than what you would receive from Google.

The first may involve Google’s tailored search feature. Google keeps a record of all of your interests, based on things you write about in your Gmail account, things you search for on their search engine, and other Google services you use. They use this information to pre-select what search results they believe you are actually looking for. The result is that you do not receive “pure” search results, but results that have been tailored, censored, and personalized for you specifically.

StartPage does not do that. StartPage acts as an intermediary between you and Google, so your searches are completely private. StartPage submits your query to Google anonymously, then returns Google results to you privately. Google never sees you and does not know who made the request; they only see StartPage. Since Google can’t determine your interests based on your past search history, you receive standard search results, rather than Google’s “personalized” results.

We believe this is a benefit, rather than a bug.

The other possibility is that Google may occasionally provide different results to StartPage than to its direct users. Because we act as an intermediary between you and Google, we are dependent on the results Google sends to us. We do not modify these results in any way, but deliver them to you exactly as Google delivers them to us. We have noted that occasionally Google provides different results to StartPage than they offer to the general public, for reasons that are not entirely clear. We believe, however, that the privacy advantages of using StartPage vastly outweigh the occasional difference in results.

Please note that results can also change based on the settings you have selected on the Settings page. Specifically, the search language, exact phrase, and the web/picture and video family filter options. Changing the server settings, does not influence search results. It merely changes the server through wich websites are shown.

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