a week of geek 300416


I’m 30 hours into Dark Souls 3

… my favourite From title to date!
The game is as challenging as the other souls series, except the bonfires seem to be a little closer together… it’s still a fantastic feeling of accomplishment to unlock the next safe haven, the battles against the curious epic sized bosses are tough until you pick up the pattern of attack. although while ember’d up multiple Players and NPC’s can be called upon.

Ready Player One!

I’m listening to my first audio book, Ready Player One, read by the legendary of Deep Space 9 fame. Loving the story, the theme is so me. The book came with an album of 80’s music, which has a wonderful cross over to the tapes found in MGSV, so getting a weird nostalgia.

Guile has been released on Street Fighter V!

Never been a character I’ve played much with, in fact he was my nemesis when I mained as Blanka in the early days of SFiv. Just played through his story; his links are as fast as ever, his move executions haven’t changed, so an easy pick up.

I’m not having much luck with the Capcom servers though, my connection is dropped regularly, long loading times between fights, and the monthly DLC is the size of the original title and takes hours to download, plus I can’t find fights.

From my experience this has turned out to be a poor launch from Capcom, which is such a pity for a game that has so much potential.

Ubuntu 16.04 has dropped

I made a fresh install last weekend that was totally pain free, everything working out of the box 🙂