Elden Ring Parry Counter Roll Repeat


In the last few days I’ve been teaching myslef how easy it is to parry… and wondering why I haven’t been doing it earlier?

~106 hours in, I finally have the eureka moment that I may have been missing something, and this time it wasm’t a chic armour ensemble… so I decided to learn how to parry ­čÖé

Elden Ring Block Parry Counter Repeat
Elden Ring Block Parry Counter Repeat

Tl;Dr: I fitted Carian Retaliation to the Carian Knight's Shield
Parry Skill – fextralife

abridged guide:

  • hug the enemy
  • hold block
  • hit parry when you see the attack sequence begin
    • counter
      • keep beating down opponent if possible
      • roll
      • avoid defeat
    • repeat

Admittedly there is more nuance to achieve victory… but this is the basic guide to git gud ::grin::

extended deets

Initially I set out with a mage build… even though I knew FromSoftware have paid dividends for pyro builds in the past

pick ups:

Visit Seluvis, in the North West area of Liurnia of the Lakes yo find Carian Retaliation

Defeat the mini boss like Carian Knight, for the Carian Knight's Shield
Was certainly intimidated, and humbled, for many attempts in this fight… until I learned that he wouldn’t approach down the slope, so was easy to take out with ranged magic ::grin::

Best of luck, it’s not easy, or the only way.
Please ensure that while playing that you align with, and obey, rule number 1: have fun ::grin::