After a day of Watch Dogs


Watch Dogs
I’ve played Watch Dogs for the past day (16.1% Progression!), here’re a few of my thoughts on the title so far, my largest criticism is that it isn’t GTA ­čÖé

  • Watch Dogs don’t sprint
  • Towers, it’s an Ubisoft open world adventure, how can there not be towers to liberate(!)
  • No clipping experienced on the PS3, I was prepared for the worse
  • I’m not using guns often, that’s cool and makes a change.. although I really like when the character draws his weapon, he pulls his scarf up over his face
  • The driving physics are terrible, only overcome by riding a motorcycle
  • I remember being wowed at the look of the water in the original Halo: Combat Evolved. After then I’ve rated the graphics and physics quality of all games on the water… WD’s water is not good, don’t get me started on the one style of boat that’s duplicated ad nauseam
  • It’s useful having the ability to hack surroundings, and the hacking mini games are fun
  • Hacking peoples phones is a nice touch, I like the steal tunes option, plus the fake SMS, and listening in on the calls
  • I’ve spent far too long with chess puzzles, guess Ubisoft know their target markets interests
  • The VR games are fun, they remind of Crackdown… sometimes Crackdown in a huge spider tank ­čÖé
  • I’m still not sure of story, although I have focused on side activities to get used to the engine. The main protagonist… I’ve forgotten his name already, is not as personable as Niko, let alone Mike, Trev, or Frank
  • ‘focus’, I can understand how it’s useful, how it gives the influence of superior gunmanship. My disappointment is that bullet time is Rockstar‘s tool, going back to Max Payne. Why can’t there be some originality? I’ve yet to use it intentionally, and I don’t feel it fits into the game… think it a product of design-by-comittee
  • I’ve solved the pop up crimes, which I find fun. I now have a vigilante status, WTF does this mean, and how does it change how the city reacts to me?
  • I hate stealing from poor people (I still do!), although I don’t mind killing new age Nazi’s… think my moral compass is pointed towards chaotic good
  • What made sleeping dogs great for me was the hand to hand combat. Coming from an Ubisoft stable I would have hoped the combat could have been adopted, together with the free running aspect
  • [Rating:3.5]
    So far I’m only in ankle-deep, there’s time for this game to impress me more, and I haven’t even gone near online activities… although I can’t see the car racing attracting any of my time ­čśë

    I think it might be like Saints Row games after episode 2, and get left on the shelf before completion