Wait for Watch Dogs is over


Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs is currently installing on my PS3, the nearly 2 year wait is finally over… and I don’t know if I should be excited, or ready for a little disappointment.

There have been brief reviews of how unimpressed some players have been, take Metacritic’s user score of 4.5, and the first couple of publisher opinions not too much better, which is the juxta of most game’s scores on (pre)release.

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3 out of 10 Avoid this one

I’m a big fan of GTA titles, and love a city sandbox to play in, Sleeping Dogs was one of my GotY nominations for 2012.

Hoping people are being too critical, sure it will be fun… if not I’ve still Wolfenstein to complete 🙂

84MB day one 1.01 patch, not bad, was expecting higher.
Nearly 2 hours since I picked up the game, and still no action… some days I miss the cartridge era

Watch Dogs fist impression: it’s like a blend of Sleeping Dogs and Heavy Rain, with a cyberpunk hacker theme.

The controls are OK, although I keep pulling out my ammo free gon as a reaction to everything. I’m expecting Assassins Creed style free running, although there is an option to auto scamper between cover spots

I’m not really sure what’s going on 🙂

The info hacking aspect is interesting. It paces the game; as you stroll nonchalantly down the street, scanning pedestrians for potential hacks… but then given info on their income and professions. I sometimes feel guilt at steeling from these innocent sprites, then I hack their bank accounts.

Emotion in games, wasn’t than Molyneux’s goal?

Ubisoft’s Chicago is a poor comparison to the high bench mark of Los Santos, and even Liberty City, a much closer semblance to Stillwater in Saints Row 2… coincidence as it was based on Chicago and Detroit too?

Vehicle driving is simply painful, think this may be what reminds me of Saints Row, with far too much over and under steer.

Totally the opposite, the human animation, at least for the chief protagonist, is fantastic!