Finally Final Fantasy XV Complete


Finally I’ve done it, another Final Fantasy story complete!

iirc I picked this up at launch, and only put it down as Elite:Dangerous launched Beyond. I’ve come back to it a couple of times for prolonged sessions, the last nearly a year ago.

I wasn’t far from the end; I cleared one more dungeon that I fell upon by accident. Then familiar with the controls I shamelessly dropped the difficulty and went back to Insomnia.

There are many things I love about the game;


  • the general story is good; frequent loved up moments, lovable characters
  • a great variety of weapons and magic
  • the encounters are varied, as is the landscape
  • the Regalia is a great way to travel… although I don’t think I unlocked it fully
  • as ever with Final Fantasy, it’s an impressive musical score
  • Ardyn has to be my favourite ever NPC
  • even though I hate the idea of charged DLC, it was impressive, and more to come in 2019!


  • after playing RRDR2 I’ve been spoiled for quick loading times, although the eye candy is impressive
  • screw Square Enix and the Royal Edition… I bought the day one release + DLC, then they refined the story for an additional cost

Am I glad it’s over?
Yeah I think so, but I will pick it back up again when the new DLC is released.

All this and I haven’t gone near the multiplayer DLC Comrades

I’m now holding out for the Final Fantasy vii remake!

Rating: It’s a masterpiece and a pleasure to experience