Boycott Blackwater Games


Blackwater's latest incarnation
The Afghan, Iraqi & now Pakistan invasions have been fought by hired mercenaries, which used to go by the name of Blackwater, now known as Xe Services LLC
In many cases their employees are exempt from normal laws. The stories of their rape & murders of civilians, which are not widely publicised by the western media, are often horrific.
They were kicked out of Iraq for the crimes of employees!
This company is despicable, making huge amounts of money from the US tax payers, while being fined by the US & under investigation for many killings of unarmed foreign nationals.
How bad does a companies PR have to be for them to change their name & branding?
Read the wikipedia entry for more details.

So you can understand what I think of them?
But now I read they’re releasing a kinect video game: Blackwater
This is shocks me, it’s plain & simply wrong.

I love games & have been a huge fan of FPS’s since Dos run Doom ii on my win 3.x 486/DX66.
& Kinect has huge potential, I’m very much looking forward to what concepts will be released using this amazing peripheral.
But for a mercenary company, who if were a nation rather than a corporation, would be tried for war crimes, to release a shoot ’em up is beyond good taste.

I can’t remember ever been against a game before; I even managed to find a copy of Rockstar’s Manhunt after it was banned… & enjoy it. (I even preferred game play of the 16 bit 3rd person Manhunt to the 3rd gen Condemned, although the plot wasn’t as compelling).

Anyway, I hope Blackwater doesn’t make it past the NTSC regions & I compel all of you other gamer out there, waiting like me for decent kinect titles, to let this one go. Please don’t line the killing machines pockets any deeper with your hard earned cash.

Right rant over, I’m off to play Black Ops 😉