for my followers… free game draw



I play, & in turn, buy, far too many games.
Xbox 360 ones in particular.

So I’m going to give some away!

For starters, once I reach 100 followers on this sites twitter account #GamerGeekNews, I’ll draw a tweeter, who has retweeted any of my posts & a game at random from my collection.

All I ask is for a photo to be returned from the recipient with the prize (& maybe an opinion piece of the game), which I’ll post here… identities are encouraged to be hidden, unless you like the ill gotten fame 🙂

This site, as well as the twitter account is new so get in there fast, the next draw may have a higher threshold!

Best of look twitterers!

1) Follow #GamerGeekNews
2) Retweet any of my posts
3) Profit… aka follower & retweeter will be randomly drawn to win free game


This didn’t really work, think as I didn’t promote it enough & that twitter is full of bots & not really engaging.

However I still have heaps of games that I’d love to give away.

Enter a post below to say Hi, & your favourite game over the past 12 months or so, & I’ll draw a winner from the first 10!
Then we can see how it goes from there.
Good luck guys!