a reminder to backup frequently


I checked Pi-Hole a couple of days back as my Twitter impressions have strangely peaked… then dropped away… I had 3 Pi-Hole updates to install, but each failed 🙁

May 2020 Twitter

Turns out I’ve been running this Raspberry Pi for so long that I was 2 releases behind current, still on jessie, so I’ve been on a mission to update. It’s a timely process, fingers crossed it looks to be going OK this time?

So currently upgrading to stretch using this concise guide: https://pimylifeup.com/upgrade-raspbian-jessie-to-raspbian-stretch/

If all is then working well I’ll make the next step to buster… it would probably have been easier to copy the files I needed from the SD card and rebuild it, but eh as the old quiz show adage goes, I’ve started so I’ll finish 🙂

While watching the unpacking I thought to record this here, only to find: Error establishing a database connection
Not sure if a hacking attempt, usual WordPress repairs didn’t succeed, but this then justifies paying $1 a month for backups 🙂

Not a sexy interesting solution, but a reminder to backup frequently!

Update: looks like whatever happened was on the 25th, don’t think I can be bothered digging any deeper

The retweet scripts activated with no issues through crontab, but feed2tweet eluded me all day; just finally got it to work.

As in the docs I needed to use /etc/crontab, but this wasn’t enough alone! I also needed to enter the code in parentheses… who would have thunk it 😉

It’s been a fun day of experimentation, really stoked to get the Pi back up and running… next is to setup DNS-Over-HTTPS for pihole: https://docs.pi-hole.net/guides/dns-over-https/ 🙂