5 weeks of lock down down


How time flies when you’re having fun, we’re personally really blessed to live in a safe bit of the World, with more than enough space, and access to nature… thoughts with those in more challenging environments.

I’ve regrettably bought a digital copy of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, would have really liked a hard copy, but you know things been what they are… sure there will be enough cheap versions knocking about, or compilations when the next fucking chapters are released!

How is it a remake when they don’t even leave Midgar?

Can you sense my disappointment?

But on an upside, my new Twitter account (@DataAugmented) managed 1 million impressions in the last 28 days 🙂
@DataAugmented 1 Million hits

Modern Warfare is still my online vice, although I’m only playing small maps; although still managing to finish top 3 🙂