yubikey-neo lock closed


So in a spurt of geekdom the other night I changed all of my passwords to work on a combination of different passwords for each login together with one of 2 static passwords, and 2 factor authentication, that I’ve set up on my new yubikey-neo.

Within 8 hours I had locked myself out of 2 Google accounts, a Reddit account, PayPal, and I’ve just gained access back to this blog ­čÖé

Think the secret is to do one at a time, acclimatise, then do another login credential.

I do love the functionality, and am just setting up KeyPass on my Linux box and Android devices, in the hope this will keep my passwords secure from my shitty easily distracted memory ­čÖé

On the up side I’ve been enjoying Metal Gear Solid V, and was treated to a surprise shower scene from Quiet this evening… nearly as good as the birthday FMV ­čÖé

Quiet Shower

I’ve maxed Quiet out to 100, and now she’s a formidable ally when armed with a silenced tranquilliser sniper rifle… need to now give the walker a run about and play a few missions guns blazing rather than stealth.

It looks like my twitter feeds from Yahoo Pipes have finally dried up; when I have the time and motivation I will set them up from another provider, I do kind of miss the constant geek news through the day.