A year of AWS


I can’t believe it’s a year from when I first started playing with Amazon’s free hosting deal.

It probably makes sense to use the service for a blog like this, think it would probably be cheaper… but what I’m paying for is the support when it all goes Pete Tong

What really impressed me was how easy it is to cancel a setup, heaps easier than setting one up!

Simply login, open this url: https://portal.aws.amazon.com/gp/aws/manageYourAccount?#productToCancel
and follow the guided button clicks.

I think I ended up paying ~10 USD over 12 months… thinking about it, probably heaps cheaps cheaper than paying for a VPN, and the Raspberry Pi (certainly 2!)

My second shock was the number of services I had active… swear I only used a fraction of these 🙂

All in all I was very impressed with the service, and would certainly use it again, just have to find a scalable web project 🙂

This e-mail confirms that you have cancelled your access to AWS Unified Registration. Your access to following services is canceled:
Amazon Simple Storage Service
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
Amazon Simple Queue Service
Amazon SimpleDB
Amazon CloudFront
Amazon RDS Service
Amazon Elastic MapReduce
AWS Import/Export
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
Amazon CloudWatch
Amazon Simple Notification Service
Amazon Simple Email Service
AWS CloudFormation
Amazon Route 53
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
AWS Direct Connect
AWS Storage Gateway
Amazon ElastiCache
Amazon CloudSearch
Amazon Simple Workflow Service
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon Glacier
Amazon Elastic Transcoder
AWS Data Pipeline
Amazon Redshift
AWS OpsWorks
Amazon WorkSpaces
Amazon AppStream
Amazon Kinesis