Wolfenstein: The New Order


Kif, the drought is over, inform the men

Currently installing Wolfenstein: The New Order, from the masters Bethesda, on the XBOX

It’s been too long since I’ve played an original enthralling title, and Bethesda have not let me down to date!

Before I begin, I have no issue with real people in the target of my online single player aim. I acknowledge that some may find zombies easier to liquidate with a shotgun, personally I don’t care.

That Bethesda have brought back the original FPS, the Nazi, for me is a signature to the past, more than a PC guided choice.

old and new
I’m just into the intro, and the easter eggs are making me smile.

From the difficulty select faces that take me back to ID’s original Doom 2, to the Hawaiian wobbling ornament that reminds me of Bethesda’s Fallout 3… I think this is going to be fun 🙂

I’m enjoying the élite feel of the character.
Not like just another soldier / sprite that has enough rechargeable energy to get through gun battles, but the skill set to triumph over the computer bots… and not to sat that they are without panache, together with weapons and tactics to survive.

The first level in the trenches has a feel of the vaults, although rather than kick in V.A.T.S., you have to use strategic attacks to overcome the many enemies, and there seems to be other variations to take out an enemy, rather than the 1 on 1 gun fight… although I can envisage that the lean from cover control will be needed throughout the game 🙂

The AI, even on a medium (BRING’EM ON!) difficulty setting, is intuitive, and not like shooting fish in a barrel.

This is both a challenge, and refreshing

There are some nice signatures back to the original genre e.g. hyper health in precarious locations

The playable protagonist is a Yank, and the full support crew seem to be from the British isles… the guiding narrative voiced as Scottish, very reminiscent of Call of Duty’s Soap

The game is a unique blend between shoot ’em up and strategy, the alternate methods of approaching a shoot out make every next encounter more exciting than the last.

This is very much like Bethesda’s other classic, that I loved each chapter of, Dishonoured.

Even though the intro is linear, the excitement still exists

And as with Dishonoured, here’s choice that changes the game going forward to end the first chapter:

You’re not in for a game changing cut scene. We won’t get into the details, but you must choose to save either Fergus or Probst. Your choice will affect gameplay and story, so choose wisely. Saving Fergus will give you the ability to hotwire, granting access to health upgrades and alternate routes. If you save Probst Wyatt, you can pick locks, again allowing for additional routes and even armor upgrades. Seeing as how we had to choose, we went with Fergus simply because he was the most entertaining of the two characters.

Primagames – Wolfenstein: Nw world Order walkthrough

My only one irritation is the volume of the voices, the rest is near perfect

And here ends the prologue, enjoy 🙂

It’s going to take a while to get through 4 discs, certainly is Dishonoured is any guidance.
First impression [Rating: 4.5]

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