shit I miss the 90s


At the arse end of the 90’s, before we had streaming tunes, certainly videos over the interwebs, this video was circulated on a PS1 magazine demo disk.

On a 486, I was running with speeds of 48 kbps, if I was lucky, paying AOL by the minute, on top of the phone charges.

I’d just been introduced to Gnapster – the fore runner of torrents.
& a mate was selling albums in mp3 format legally at car boot sales, as it wasn’t a restricted format.

The warehouse clubs were Happy Hardcore, most people were loved up, & I trusted far too easily

Shit, I miss the 90’s

I can’t empathise how much of a breakthrough this video was at the time!
Film shown on a cd, via a game console… we were still renting Friends series 3? from the video shop, when DVD was a pipedream.

I played this disk for everyone who came through my door, shown on a then impressive 32″ crt tv, hooked up to surround sound.

To put it in context the games that were wowing us then were:

  • THPS demo, don’t think I’d seen the original yet
  • Um Jammer lammy
  • FF Viii

Hope the vid impresses you as much now, as it did me then, still a choice tune