what i am playing oct 15


So after getting Elite:Dangerous to play well I’ve lost 3,500,000 credits, the last encounter in a war zone with a T9 of all ships!

So I decided to cut my losses, and not in the manner of unplugging my ‘net connection, I took the hit, just time away to read up and contemplate 🙂

So I’ve now gone back to Dark Souls 2, and have the usual love hate thing going on with a new/different system.

I love the open World aspect, the lack of fluidity is a little painful at times.

Because of this view should I be going back to Bloodborne?

Maybe, but I enjoy the more RPG combat pace of DS than BB, + I actually get involved in others missions with massive bounty.

… and I’m not really sure who the ghost shadows are, if you’re real please say hi 🙂