Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown


Virtual Fighter 5 Final Showdown
I’ve added yet another fighting game to my xbox collection, and am quite impressed, and it’s an arcade title! ­čÖé

Virtual Fighter has a great heritage, perhaps one of the 1st 3D fighters, just beating Tekken to consoles

I’ve played other versions of the game in the past, but can’t claim to have enjoyed any as much as this.

The 3 button simplicity hooks you in quickly, then the learning curve steepens with the complexity and availability of what you can achieve.

The range of fighters fits into the usual genres. I tend to prefer the female characters in any fighting game, going for speed and finesse over strength and energy. There’s certainly enough characters to chose from.

Each character also has their own fighting style, that is very distinct, and comes across as more realistic, as TeamXBOX phrased it: Virtua Fighter, you get the very essence of fighting, the true artistry in martial arts

This is a true fighting game, none of faux plots that try and justify why two sprites would want to beat each other senseless. But there’s no gore or wear and tear, this is a pure mind game