Ubuntu 13.10 is coming


Are you all as excited as me?
OK contain yourselves 😉

Ubuntu 13.10 releases in 12 days, and counting

From the great OMG Ubuntu blog:

Ubuntu 13.10 Beta Downloads Go Live – This Is What’s New

  •  Unity Smart Scopes – Semantic Web Search from the Dash
  • xMir – Canonical’s new display server technology
    • Will we get better Steam performance?
  • Unity 7

    • Enough to tempt me back to Unity?
  • New versions of Libre office and Gnome!

& to celebrate, the launch together with the coming of summer, I’ve picked up a couple of Ubunutu t-shirts.

after all it’s the least I can do as we never have to shell out for their fantastic OS

Saucy Salamander 13.10

Circle of Friends Dot Design

Ubuntu Pictogram

UbuntuTouch Infographic