Tolkien should be on comission


Just started playing through the 3rd gen version of Castlevania on the PS3
As a Sega console owner, never Nintendo; I missed out on the first launch.

I always assumed it was a platform style puzzle & was never interested.
Will have to check out an out ninty rom

I picked up the PS3 version a couple of weekends ago, solely because of the big beasts portrayed on the back cover… I’m waiting eagerly for the HD remake release of Shadow of the Colossus, in fact it was the only reason I acquired a PS3.

Anyway, a level or so into the game, I’ve fought off wargs & lycanthropes, waded through a zombie infested swamp & have battled goblins.
All I can think is this is fresh from the imagination of Tolkien.

I’m enjoying it, don’t get me wrong.
Although it does seem to be a bit of a button masher.
& a Tolkien fantasy World is not a bad thing, it takes me back to my MERP roleplay youth.

Lets see how the story develops,but if there are giant spiders, Ent’s & dragons I think Tolkien’s estate should be paid gratitude.

Oh Yeah & I nearly forgot the mention in a script of the character ‘Rinaldo Gandolfi’