the calling of the free(net) world


I read this the other day & I’m shocked… well more disappointed.
Google are apparently going to close accounts where users don’t use their real names.
I don’t know how they can determine what name is real or not; until I closed my Facebook account I was known as Xain Zedong Jnr III 🙂

Google claim this is so “freinds & family” can find us. If I wanted to speak with my parents online I’d skype them not invite them to my social circle.

I fear this could be the first step on the path to the internet passport, but that’s only a “bad feeling abut this” hunch.

15 years or so ago,when I 1st started using the web, cool websites were run by individuals, not corporates. People went by tags in the now archaic html chat rooms. Only an idiot would use their real name. & in this age of identity theft why would anyone want to publish their details online?

1st chat room I used as aka $peed Daemon… think it as hosted on a different server then tho?

Now social media sites are the largest online, that we as the users. contribute the material for.

So last night I had an epiphany; I’m to remove all corporate web sites from my non working life, including my Google accounts that fuel my Android accessory.

I hate the idea that Google reference everything I search, ping my location, take photos of my fucking house from the street & space!

It’ll be a challenge to keep my handsets functionality, not too hard to give my mates a new anonymous email address. I want to disappear from the corporate marketing machine the internet has become, I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.

The darknet calls & I’d love you all to join me the free World.

My Mrs doesn’t believe I’ll be able to do it… which makes it more fun to prove her wrong