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I’ve not been using the processing power of my 8 core PC, so decided to see what it could do this afternoon.

I’ve installed VirtualBox direct from Synaptic Manager, and have created Virtual boxes for Debian and Windows 7.

Both are currently installing, and I have not seen so much activity across all cores before.

Having Windows as a VM will save me heaps of time and frustration, as I will no longer have to log out of Ubuntu, and close files to work in Windows… I wonder if I will be able to log on to works network from the Windows VM?

Update: I can log onto my work network, installing java for windows now. I’m amazed by the speed!
I have also installed MS Office, can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner.

So I boot into Ubuntu, can open VM’s for Windows to my work network, and a tor connection through Debian to the internet.

Next mission is to add a VM file server 🙂

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  1. This is the perfect use for workspaces.
    I’ve never had a need to really use them in the past, but this is so cool, a workspace for each different OS 🙂

  2. Archive successfully decompressed as iATKOS_ML2.img

    You should be able to mount the image [as root] by:

    modprobe hfsplus
    mount -t hfsplus -o loop iATKOS_ML2.img /mnt

  3. Ubuntu 13.04 VB now added.
    Puzzled even when allowed 4 cores and 4 Gb of RAM it runs slower than Win7.
    The home folders are encrypted the but I can’t imagine that would slow it down so much.

    Not overly impressed with 13.04, I’d forgotten about the de-clutter exercise with a new installation, removing Amazon, marketplace et al… not the Ubuntu I fell in love with many years ago.

    Bonus now playing with VB’s great time to find a new Linux flavour

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