PS4 gone but not forgotten


I’ve been having a on and off issues with my PS4 ejecting disks while playing, and even from standby.

It’s been little of an issue, although in-turn it has been a catalyst to me pulling the power cord from the rear of the console to keep it powered down.

This in turn has lead to the screen that I’m sure you all know well, warning that closing of the console can cause the system to crash; last weekend was that day!

Powering up the PS4 on Friday, only for it to load into SAFE MODE. I tried all of the easy options from there: reboot, re-install firmware, no luck.

Stepping up to the more complex options, and that was failing as the console wouldn’t accept my XBOX 360 Hori stick, that was connected via Titan dongle, due to the issues that I was having with my PS$ DualShock controller.

Did I forget to mention my controller issues?

My original PS4 DualShock controller had begun to charge intermittently, and then not at all. I tried every available cable, with no more success. So regrettably only a couple of months before the release of the next PlayStation console, together with it’s dedicated joypad, I had to shell out the best part of 70 bucks for a new one (cool Detroit: Become Human colours)… & now my original pad charges from the new cable; feel this could have been a cheaper experience, but eh 2 pads worked out good, multiplayer THPS split screen with me and the boy is such a cherished memory 🙂

So now I have an official Joypad I can re-initialise my console. My understanding from reading the instructions was that everything would be wiped, saves, downloads, all kapput.

I’d come to reason that everything would be gone (counting my blessings that I’d only recently finished the main storyline of Ghost of Tsushima), meh no worries it’s only every save game since I bought the PS4 at launch 6 1/2 years ago! I’d burned my PS3 saves a decade or earlier so understood the pain, all good!

So I was stoked to find that most of my downloads were safe on an external drive, and all of my saves stashed in the cload, woohoo; modern day gaming is a breeze 🙂

So now I have a clean console with a fresh OS, and a couple of DualShock pads to play games with my boy, win win!