PirateBox 1.0 is here!


Piratebox 1.0

The PirateBox has come of age!
A testimony of the hard work David and Matthias for making this project happen.

What it offers:

  • easy to install, simple instructions, only a couple of files
  • even a version for Android available on Google Play
  • cheap, components can be purchased for ~$35 US
  • full, 4chan like, message board
  • acts as a streaming media centre!

I’m currently upgrading from the last version I had installed… forgotten which version, as it was working, so why mess, and I was holding out for 1.0 🙂

email from David Dart:

Hello PirateBoxers!

Matthias and I are VERY proud to announce the release of PirateBox 1.0 and the official launch of the new PirateBox.cc website!

Please take the site for a spin and check out all the new pages, including our new tutorials, newly themed Forum and plenty of PirateBox media (photos, videos, and press).

PirateBox 1.0 Features
This version of PirateBox has been rebuilt from the ground up. Along with rock-solid stability, new features include a responsive UI for easy viewing, chatting, and file sharing on phones and tablets and a built-in UPnP media server which automatically streams uploaded video and audio files to all PirateBox users on the local network.

PirateBox 1.0 also now comes with an Image and Message Board similar to 4chan. And of course, it still offers a chat room for anonymous communications and a browser-based file sharing system.

Box Installer
Perhaps the most exciting feature of PirateBox 1.0 is the brand new “box-installer” which radically simplifies the process of building or updating your PirateBox. You can now build and start using your new PirateBox in only a few short steps. Special props to Matthias who has worked tirelessly on this version of PirateBox!

PirateBox on Android
Also a special shout out to Jochen Ruehl who has just launched the PirateBox Android app on Google Play. He has also shared the APKs for those who are not running Google Apps.

PirateBox Camp 2014
You are cordially invited to join us July 12-13 in Lille, France for PirateBox Camp 2014. PirateBox Camp brings together the PirateBox community of developers, contributors and users for a free (as in beer and freedom) weekend of hacking, learning and networking.

This is the second annual PirateBox Camp. PirateBox Camp 2013 was held in Berlin July 20-21 at NYU Berlin’s Academic Center in Prenzlauer Berg. The camp brought together developers, contributors, and artists from seven countries. Participants gave presentations, shared forks of the project and worked on the PirateBox project face-to-face over two productive days.

Be sure to check out GuGuss’ amazing video documentation from PirateBox Camp 2013!

You can learn more about this year’s camp by following @pirateboxcamp and if you’d like to join us, please drop us a line at camp[at]piratebox.cc

Thank you!
Finally, a big thank you to the PirateBox community for your contributions to and enthusiasm for this project. And special thanks to our core contributors, including Jean Debaecker, GuGuss, Nargren, and Gilles.

Share Freely!
David and Matthias

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