pi drama


Alerted by my darling wife yesterday that Arlo had stopped working, this usually means that the Raspberry Pi that runs Pi-Hole needs restarting… never looked into the issue, as this is few and far between.

Checked my Twitter feed @DataAugmented, as a couple of python scripts that I have running on the same Pi post & retweet there… no activity for over 24 hours, bugger :p

Reboot Pi… it hangs on boot not returning anything for neofetch, curious

Dropping the Pi-Hole ip from the DNS on the router, for normal service to resume, and bring the Arlo cameras back online.

Now the real fun and challenge begins. Rigging the Pi upto a HDMI, keyboard, and mouse, little progress was initially made beyond the finale of the boot sequence.
Keen not to lose any code and data from the SD card I made backups of the partitions, and hit a random temporary issue of not being able to mount the partitions… eek.

In the past USB & SD cards have failed on me, guessing this one was on it’s last legs, I decided to retire it and go with a fresh build.

  • Acquire latest Rasp Pi OS
  • via Balena’s Etcher https://github.com/balena-io/etcher copied OS onto shiny SD
  • Usual Raspberry Pi setup
  • ssh’d on
  • install & setup Pi-Hole
  • copy over backups of folders required for feed2tweet and retweet
  • none of the scripts work!
  • discover Obsidian to use for notekeeping… although not tried the cool graph view yet, but still perfect to take the notes I’m making on finding a solution.
  • Update retweet.py ‘cos changes in tweepy twitter api search, search_tweets added
  • Couldn’t resolve feed2tweet issue with error AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'encode'
    • found comment from dev on a similar bit of software that the latest feedparser version breaks process
    • re-install old version pip3 install --user install feedparser==5.2.1

Everything now looks to be fixed, Arlo working, will keep an eye on tweets and retweets going out.

Now to learn how to use Obsidian correctly 🙂


I posted too soon, it’s