nova gaming pc


I have finally upgraded my PC, to an 11th Gen 11700K + RTX 3060 AMP White Limited Edition
For a long time I was sick of my old Frankenstein box shutting down on me, now I have one that feels like a Ferrari in comparison, and allows me to play games at ultra settings ­čÖé

So what did I get for my cash?

Sick of the AMD chipset straining in Linux with single processor tasks, I opted this time for Intel. And I wanted to take advantage of my Nvidia Shield, so this guided my graphics card choice.


I’ve installed my old SSD’s for Linux OS’s (switched the Ubuntu for Debian on a 512GB, and Manjaro on a 256GB), and 2 2TB’s with backups and files… although I need a SATA splitter cable to attach one of them.

There’s Win 10 on the 1TB M.2, and I’ve been loving the titles available via XBOX Game Pass… great deal of $1 for the first month & 2 free months after that. Been playing heaps of games that I’ve not had the opportunity to play on the PS4 & 5. I’ve been taking advantage of the Indie titles too that I’ve missed out on, but that’s another post, plus having lots of fun playing Roblox with my son!

The case feels like it was made by Mercedes, compared to my old one with razor sharp edges; it just fits together so smoothly, really easy to strip down, and neat cables… for now!