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Reading a Reddit post about new a new version of nano being releases, and between the vi/vim sysadmin comments someone mentioned how nano keyboard shortcuts can be edited 🙂

I’ve tried vim many times, and the commands don’t feel intuitive, nano has been the editor I’ve fallen back on since first using Linux; pico as it was known back when I used it at Uni on Unix.

Even though I’ve been using nano for so long the commands still elude me, so this config for me is truly awesome, and it’s easy as to implement.

Ubuntu 20.04 enter in terminal: sudo nano /etc/nanorc

Scroll to the bottom & remove the #’s from the keyboard shortcuts that you want to use, ctrl + x to save & nano is now easier than ever to use 🙂

Here’re my choices of alt keyboard shortcuts

bind ^C copy main
bind ^V paste all
bind ^z undo main
bind ^y redo main

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