Minecraft 101- Ores and enemy’s


Minecraft is a smash hit game made by team mojang and this is just a little tutorial on surviving,building and living in a easy fashion

1. What to do first?- As soon as you enter the world you need to knock down trees.Take down around 3 trees then start to craft

1. Enemy’s- There are multiple enemys in the game and these are a few-
creeper- Green stick like creature which explodes when they are near you they drop gunpowder. Skeleton – These have a bow and arrow they drop bones
Spider-Can walk up walls and jump quickly.They drop string
This is about it for the normal world ill leave it to you to find the rest

2-Ores This is a simple ore grid —- Wood pickaxe- Stone pick axe- Iron pick Axe- Diamond pick axe. These are the main ores

A crafting tutorial will be on its way soon!

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  1. Thanks for the post, looking forward to reading more. I stayed away from Minecraft,like WoW, as I thought it would eat all of my time. Quite ironic given the many hours / days I’ve been engrossed in Skyrim.

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