Minecarft cake


Minecarft cake

When I first heard of Minecraft, the tale went that the ultimate goal was to bake a cake.

Today while batlling zombie’s in a Skyrim block universe, after working my way through the basic training, I could see it had come a long way since it’s baking origin, and I’m looking forward to finding out more.

And to think I only started playing what some claim to be the greatest game of the decade, perhaps ever!, as the Skyrim mashup was created ­čÖé

I’m not hooked on the ‘one more block’ ailment… yet, but I can see how this game could become compelling. Although I’m not sure the xbxo is the best platform, and the game might be suited better to a PC, although I do prefer the xbox controller for extended games sessions over the mouse and keyboard option [I find it too muck like work].

I’m not yet sure what I’m going to build, although I have a few thoughts about my Mincecraft philosophies and motivations… sometimes Ithink I take games little too seriously ­čśë

  • pacman – can i build a maze with zombies programmed like the gost characters
  • I’m a digger not a builder, although I like to view vistas
  • Think I want to imitate the real World, Minecraft model villages
  • Build a factory – iirc my nephew showed me a method of creating a diamond axe factory line
  • bake a cake
  • I love survival, but creator intrigues me

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