Laser Disco Defenders


Laser Disco Defenders
Not sure what month I picked up Laser Disco Defenders on PlayStation Plus, but in a lull between games I downloaded it today, and I’m happy I did 🙂

Each laser you fire stays,
so the more you shoot the harder it gets!

  • Novel persistent bullet hell mechanic will keep you on your toes!
  • Choose your look with outfits that change how you play the game
  • Find the balance between health and speed that works for you with 4 playable characters
  • Thanks to randomly generated levels no play through is the same
  • Online leaderboards let you show who’s the “master on the dance floor”
  • Funky visuals inspired by 70s fashion and cheesy sci-fi flicks

Navigate around the simple caves, with jetpack like controls, each laser shot you fire stays permanently bouncing off of the walls. These pick off enemies who lie in its path, and taking love heart lives from your character if they hit.

Simple strategy, with a 70’s archetype disco theme, fun, simple, and one I can play with the toddler without incurring the wrath of his Mum 🙂

[Rating:3.5] simple graphics, cool sounds, thoughtful low highbrow strategic shoot-em-up