GTAV The pinacle of 3rd gen


After the last generation launch I considered this same thought, and with the near launch of GTAV I think it’s cemented.

Studios work out the best capabilities of the hardware, and tweak it with each patch and launch.

So here in the pre-shadow of the release of the ‘4th gen’ consoles, we have the pinnacle of development with the current hardware.

The XBOX One and PS4 may offer more polished detailed graphics, but will the offer a game, as full and rich as GTA V?

In 4 days we will see a product, released by a long time practised development studio, that will utilise every bit of the existing platforms to the extreme.

Then we have the sad part, development studio’s will begin again on a new platform, learning the nuances of a novel language and hardware… ow long until we see something of the same calibre?

I haven’t seen Rockstar’s new creation yet, but if all the hype is true, and they haven’t let us down to date, anything else to follow is going to have to be graphically stunning and smooth, with a plot line more original, containing tongue in cheek humour, that only Pratchett is capable of.

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